A girl stands at a grave.

Looking deep into the depths.

Throwing handfuls of dirt into the earth.

Covering up the past, moving into what will be.

The last of the June petals fall.

Eaten alive by “Japanese Beetles.”

They come to devour

 departing without any words.

Just a hum of wings

Beating the summer back.

The leaves fade to yellow

Littering the landscape.

Covering the sins of summer

with the technicolor of Autumn.

The blanket of winter wraps us up tight

Flicker of the fire reflecting in our eyes

Carried away by the nutcrackers song

into the blackness of the night.

Ornaments of glass, plummet from the sky

Crashing and shattering in the midnight hours.

“Happy New years” the crowd clamors.

All is forgotten, for this year will be ours.


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